A clean floor is the sign of a professional operation. Though more expensive than a mop or broom, floor scrubbers and sweepers give your business that professional look with less time and elbow grease. Not to mention, they leave your floors much cleaner!

In this article we’ll look at different types of floor sweepers and scrubbers and the best application for different types of units. We’ll also compare the cost to rent, lease or buy a floor sweeper / scrubber.

Industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers are often used in:

  • Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Kitchens and other food-prep areas
  • Gyms
  • Parking Lots
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Office buildings

Floor Sweeper Or Floor Scrubber?

If you’re ready to purchase an industrial floor cleaning machine, first decide if you want a sweeper or a scrubber.

Floor Scrubbers
Floor scrubbers are designed to clean hard surfaces such as concrete floors in a warehouse, or hallways in a hospital.

If you have a large area to clean, the Tennant T20 is a popular choice. The T20 delivers significant cleaning power with an exceptional scrubbing and water recovery system. This rider scrubber is easy to operate and maintain and helps improve a facility’s image by providing consistent, heavy-duty cleaning results.

To clean a smaller area such as a lobby, or the hallways of a building, a walk-behind floor scrubber is ideal. The Tennant T1 is a great value.

Floor Sweepers
Floor sweepers are typically used in outdoor environments such as parking lots, foundries and lumber yards. The Tennant S20 can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and gets great reviews from our customers.



Rent, Lease or Buy a Floor Sweeper / Scrubber?

Choosing to rent, lease or buy a floor sweeper / scrubber is usually based on how long you plan to keep a machine. To illustrate this, let’s compare the cost to rent, lease or buy a (hypothetical) large scrubber.

Cost to Rent a Large Floor Scrubber: $3500 – $4000 /mo
Seems expensive, right? But if you’re a contractor finishing up a building and only need the machine for a month, renting is the cheapest option.

Also, all wearables such as squeegees, brushes and brooms are included with a rental. In the unlikely event the machine needs repair or maintenance, this is also provided at no additional charge.

Cost to Lease on a Large Floor Scrubber: $750-$800 /mo
If you have a building, parking lot, etc. that you want to keep clean, a lease is much more economical than renting. Wearables are not included, but typically the machine comes with a warranty.

Cost to Buy a Large Floor Scrubber: $50,000
If you plan to use the equipment for more than five years, buying a machine outright may make the most financial sense. Also, medical buildings and some food-handling operations can’t bring in a machine that’s been operated somewhere else due to cross-contamination concerns. For these customers, buying is the only option.

Here is the cost breakdown for a (hypothetical) walk-behind unit:

Rent: $1200 – $1600/mo
5-year Lease: $200/mo
Buy: $8,000 – $10,000

Whatever your industrial floor cleaning needs, we hope you’ll contact us. We have about a dozen different floor scrubbers to rent, small walk-behinds up to ride-on units

View our complete inventory of industrial floor cleaners. Let us know your needs and we’ll find the right machine for your operation.