Tennant 7200 Scrubber

The Tennant 7200 riding floor scrubber covers a 36″ path and is PERFECTLY suited for commercial and Heavy Industrial applications. Battery powered.

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  • Speed – clean tight spaces and narrow aisles. The Model 7200’s compact, highly maneuverable, 3-wheel stance lets the machine clean in the tightest areas.
  • Double your productivity– The Tennant 7200 riding floor scrubber can do up to twice the work of a standard walk-behind in the same amount of time and maneuver in many of the same tight spaces.
  • Critical components are protected throughout the machine. The oversized, in-line vacuum filter cartridge helps keep dust, lint, and foam from damaging fan motors. Leave floors clean, dry, and spotless.
  • The Tennant 7200 riding floor scrubber lays down solution and aggressively cleans tile or smooth floors. Brush pressure is maintained electronically, even on irregular surfaces.
  • A powerful vacuum and squeegee system gives superior water pickup on smooth surfaces, over cracks or during sharp turns.
  • Make cleaning easier for your operators with a roomy operator compartment, one-button scrubbing, low-effort steering and easy-to-understand displays.
  • Tank clean-out is easy.
  • Extension hoses let you empty where you want.
  • Easy access speeds the job.
  • Large clean-out ports ensure complete cleaning.
  • Simplify routine maintenance.
  • No-tool brush and squeegee changes free operators to spend more time scrubbing and less time working on the machine.
  • High productivity – Since operators prefer to ride rather than walk, they will be more productive and less fatigued when operating a rider unit.
  • Simplified cleaning – One-button scrubbing and simple controls mean almost anyone can operate it.
  • Impressive maneuverability-The riding floor scrubber U-turns in aisle widths less than 7 feet (2150 mm) to scrub congested areas others cannot.